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Choose a Gold or Diamond package - shopping cart included. Elosoft sells/installs secure certificate for your SSL onto your existing web space, so your web site will be accessible via regular server (http://) and via secure server (https://). When you start real-time credit card processing the first step is to obtain a secure certificate from ELOSOFT, which costs $200.00 CAD per year. This allows you to have your own secure web site that is required for credit card processing (e.g. We provide you with a FREE, easy to use shopping cart or you can use your own.  

Next criteria is that you open a merchant account with MONERIS. We will provide you with all the neccesary contact information. As soon as you have the merchant account, you are ready for real-time transactions.   Now you can incorporate your storefront with our processing unit. You can do the programming on your own and/or we give you technical help or our programmers can do it for you for a fee of $75.00 per hour.   The service fee is as low as $30.00 CAD per month, plus $0.10 per each transaction. Sign up before July 31 and you will enjoy unlimited FREE transactions.

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